Yatri – Project Zero “MADE IN NEPAL”

Yatri motorcycles  is a Nepali startup focusing on the electric motorcycles. The tag “Made in Nepal”, makes Yatri different from other electric 2 wheeler brands available in Nepal. They recently revealed their first product the “Project Zero”. Project Zero is a café racer with futuristic design. It features an extremely robust steel and carbon fiber chassis and includes a motor delivering 30kW (approximately 40hp) of power. It’s designed and entirely made in Nepal though some parts are imported.

Talking about the features, Project Zero’s includes a 7″ full-HD display helping the rider in viewing data and navigation. The display can also be use to access the official app (Yatri Hub). Apart from that, the display provides the information of the fuel cost savings made by the rider so far and carbon offset contribution.

 Project Zero is claimed to give mileage of 230 km at full charge with a top speed of 120 km/hr. The rider can charge the bike on go to almost to 80% in less than 2 hours using the powerful on board charger. Also, the wall outlet charger can fully charge the bike in just 2 hours.

 Though the bike and the its tech has been the buzz of the town, in order to know how well it performs commercially and in day to day commute we all need to wait till it hits the market.

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