Facebook Messenger Rooms – Group Calls for 50 People

Facebook has introduced a new feature which allows people to start group video chats and the chat can be joined by other 49 people making total of number of people be 50 in the group video chat. Currently,the feature is available to some users in UK. It will take several more weeks before every Facebook users will have access to this feature.

At the beginning, chat groups can be created using Messenger or Facebook. In the future, Messenger Rooms feature will be available in Instagram, WhatsApp soon. The video chat Messenger rooms will allow the users to join or leave the group video chat when the room is open for chat. The users will be able to block unwanted participants from the chat room, keep the chat room private. The chat room creator can also invite people who are do not have Facebook account. The users can also change the backgrounds. The public chat rooms will be displayed on the news feed.

Though Facebook can confirmed that the video calls will not be monitored, it will gather data on when users open a Messenger Room in order to improve the user experience. In addition, in order to avoid unwanted people from joining the chats, Facebook has worked with cryptographers.

Image Source: Facebook

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