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Nepal Telecom Special Package For Students For Just Rs. 99/month

In order to aid the Contingency action plan for school education -2077(‘विद्यालय शिक्षा सम्बन्धी आकस्मिक कार्ययोजना २०७७’) prepared by Ministry of Science and Technology, Nepal Telecom is providing selected services at nominal charges. Students can enjoy Nepal Telecom Special Package for just Rs. 99/month. In order to help children to access the educational material and help them in their learning process, Nepal Telecom in association with Education and Human Resource Development Center is distributing free prepaid sim for those in need along with the reduced charges.

Nepla Telecom will provide the services or sim card to teachers of government and community schools, and students /guardians. NTC will provide free sim card in case any teachers, students or the family lacks a NTC prepaid sim. Teachers, students and guardians associated to a school will be able to added to a CUG(closed user group). They will be able to do unlimited Voice call, block SMS within the group , enjoy  5GB data,  and access website of  Education and Human Resource Development Center ( where courses from class 1 to 10 are available with just Rs.99 per month.

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