Tesla receives bookings for more than 150,000 Cybertrucks

After some interesting reveal event of the Cybertruck, different critisim were made for the vehicle. Despite some issues in the reveal event of its latest electric vehicle, Tesla has already received bookings for around 150,000 Cybertruck. Though several bookings are made after the deposit of refundable amount of $100, we must wait till the date of production to see how many of the current bookings will make their way to the actual trucks.

During the reveal of the Cybertruck Elon Musk claimed that it “won’t scratch and dent” and was also praised of having windows made from armored glass; but the glass cracked during a demonstration when hit with a metal ball. After which Musk said: “Well, maybe that was a little too hard.”

The recent booking numbers has proved the claim of the negative impression of the Cybertruck due to the crack in armored glass during the demonstration.

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